Counseling/Psychotherapy Services

Our practice emphasizes the provision of diagnostic testing and evaluation services primarily for individuals experiencing problems with memory (whether from neurodegenerative disease or dementia, stroke, or other neurologic factors), attention deficit concerns, effects of concussion or brain injury, or related cognitive questions and concerns. However, in many instances, individuals may also be experiencing psychological, emotional, interpersonal, and/or substance-related symptoms and difficulties that may have potential to contribute to disruptions in thinking.

We provide evaluation services for these psychological and behavioral concerns as part of our broader neuropsychological assessment process. In situations where follow up treatment services may be needed (including psychiatric and/or psychotherapeutic treatment, or substance treatment services), we will provide recommendations regarding such services and will work with patients to connect with other providers in the Melbourne area who provide these services. We do not provide psychotherapy services or medication management services at this time in our Melbourne office.